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The Pauli Principle, named for Wolfgang Pauli, deals with atoms and electron-sharing that results in new, stronger bonds. Think 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen, a shared delectable (!) electron and VOILA! Water!

Similarly, when you prepare whole food to share with family and friends, especially foods you've grown, something amazing happens. Meals become tastier and healthier. Your soul, not just your stomach, becomes fulfilled. You live life more abundantly as a result. During a shared meal, the bonds that people create grow stronger and become something new: GREATER than the sum of the parts! I give you The Pauley Principle.

Friday, December 2, 2011


I really enjoyed this book! Easy and fast to read, the book is written tongue-in-cheek by Michael Pollan. It's one that a family could pass around and everyone could read in a day. More white space than print, but don't be fooled:
       The print is powerful! 

You can find used copies on Ebay for less than $10, total. Newer versions have delightful artwork. Once you read it, the book becomes part of you, so you can pass it on. You won't forget what you read. Follow what it says, and you'll eat better and feel better for it.

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