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The Pauli Principle, named for Wolfgang Pauli, deals with atoms and electron-sharing that results in new, stronger bonds. Think 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen, a shared delectable (!) electron and VOILA! Water!

Similarly, when you prepare whole food to share with family and friends, especially foods you've grown, something amazing happens. Meals become tastier and healthier. Your soul, not just your stomach, becomes fulfilled. You live life more abundantly as a result. During a shared meal, the bonds that people create grow stronger and become something new: GREATER than the sum of the parts! I give you The Pauley Principle.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Healthy Cooking and Eating=Healthier YOU!

My ancestors on one family branch often lived into their 80's and 90's at a time when this was uncommon so I set out to find out why. They were largely farmers and raised most of their own foods, even their pastured animals. It would have been a challenging life but active and much of the time was spent outdoors. Their foods, whole and organic, were home raised and home cooked. Most raised their own wheat and corn for flour and cornmeal. Their lives had a rhythm but not always to the same beat. The tempo would sometimes be dictated by seasons and weather conditions. They liked to have gatherings with friends and family and I  imagine what the scene would be like at one of those gatherings.

For years I have been trying to  reproduce this pastoral life on a very small scale to supplement our family's diet and, yes, to bring great food to the table that won't make us sick. I hope you are able to do this. Most aren't. It requires land and planning, time and work.  A community garden might work for you as a great way to start raising your vegetables and fruits. You can plan canning or freezing parties! Anything to lighten the load and make it fun! Also, find people who produce the rest of what you need without dangerous additives.

The self-acclaimed best source on the web for healthy eating may be "the world's healthiest foods", http://www.whfoods.org/. They conduct research and offer a special feature called Food Advisor that will make personal food recommendations based on your health needs. They're all about healthy cooking, healthy eating and a healthier YOU!

In the past week, "the world's healthiest foods" had articles on using pomegranate, dill, collard greens, and a tip that too much folate can cause nervous system disorders. OOPS! Too MUCH extra virgin olive oil? Watch out, Rachael Ray!

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