Welcome to The Pauley Principle!

The Pauli Principle, named for Wolfgang Pauli, deals with atoms and electron-sharing that results in new, stronger bonds. Think 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen, a shared delectable (!) electron and VOILA! Water!

Similarly, when you prepare whole food to share with family and friends, especially foods you've grown, something amazing happens. Meals become tastier and healthier. Your soul, not just your stomach, becomes fulfilled. You live life more abundantly as a result. During a shared meal, the bonds that people create grow stronger and become something new: GREATER than the sum of the parts! I give you The Pauley Principle.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Signs of Spring: The Market Sign, Playing in the Grass, and New Plants

Here's our sign on the basement floor.

Same sign being hoisted up.
Notice anything unusual? Notice how the letters just disappear in the light of day? When you drive by, it's like a blank slate. So, the sign has to come back down and we'll make some adjustments. As you can imagine, that won't be easy. Chris will climb back up to the bucket on the backhoe, attach a pulley, and hope the dag-gone thing doesn't slip.

At least the sign was up for the third day of our farm market. The little slat below it says "FRESH BREAD" but, as you can see, that also did a disappearing act. Much like the freshly baked bread on the table did!

The biggest hits at the most recent farm market were angel food cake, blueberry pies, and green popcorn balls for St. Patrick's day! And the freedom and fresh air. The kids loved romping around and touring the farm.

Starting our farm market is a family adventure. In the end, I guess it's all about the kids. As a parent, you pass on a love of food, family, and friends, and show the lasting value in keeping the old friends while making new friends along the way. It is hard  but honest work. Eventually they'll understand that our meaningful connections with the land and with people define us all, and they'll cherish each unique piece of the whole puzzle.

Chris recycles egg cartons to turn the deck into a nursery for garden plants. Before long we'll have plants and fresh produce for the farm market.

I think one slat on our farm market sign should say:

Life is an adventure. Live (and eat) well.

Farming. It's not a spectator sport.

What do you think?


  1. I do so much admire how much work you are putting into this and I wish I could stop by for some of that bread : )

    1. Well, Michaele, maybe you can't stop by but I can post my recipe on the blog if you want to try it sometime. I'm making over a dozen loaves every Friday for Saturday's market. What an upper body workout! I so "KNEAD" that! LOL... (Forgive the pun. That was too easy.)
      Obviously, we're trying something that not a lot of people do, but it combines so many of our interests and that gives us a boost. If it works, that will be nice!