Welcome to The Pauley Principle!

The Pauli Principle, named for Wolfgang Pauli, deals with atoms and electron-sharing that results in new, stronger bonds. Think 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen, a shared delectable (!) electron and VOILA! Water!

Similarly, when you prepare whole food to share with family and friends, especially foods you've grown, something amazing happens. Meals become tastier and healthier. Your soul, not just your stomach, becomes fulfilled. You live life more abundantly as a result. During a shared meal, the bonds that people create grow stronger and become something new: GREATER than the sum of the parts! I give you The Pauley Principle.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Smoking and Grilling Chicken

I love grilling all year round, lately working on developing different rubs to use with poultry, beef and pork using indirect heat and different hardwoods for smoking. Experimenting has been delightful and delicious!

I use indirect heat as often as possible when I grill out since carcinogens are linked with any grilling but it is particularly dangerous when direct heat results in charring. Also, any time a rub contains brown sugar, burning can be a problem but is less likely with a temperature-controlled indirect heat. The rub I used on the chicken in the photo is a sweet and spicy poultry rub, my unique mix, available at our farm market.The wood was from a downed apple tree. 

We all have to eat, so my approach is to make each meal a fun family time. Our family is planning a fun family grill-off before the end of summer, so I'm gearing up for it. I hope practice really does make perfect! With the grandchildren as judges and tough competition from my kids, the pressure is on!!! 


  1. Your chicken looks delicious - sweet and spicy rub - Yum!

  2. I recently learned that rosemary is good for combating the carcinogens caused by charring.

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll get plenty of help from your kids and grandkids. :))

  3. Rhonda, it sounds like your summer has been a busy one! The photos of the market and food look delicious enough to eat. I hope to see you in September at the Chillicothe storytelling festival!