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The Pauli Principle, named for Wolfgang Pauli, deals with atoms and electron-sharing that results in new, stronger bonds. Think 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen, a shared delectable (!) electron and VOILA! Water!

Similarly, when you prepare whole food to share with family and friends, especially foods you've grown, something amazing happens. Meals become tastier and healthier. Your soul, not just your stomach, becomes fulfilled. You live life more abundantly as a result. During a shared meal, the bonds that people create grow stronger and become something new: GREATER than the sum of the parts! I give you The Pauley Principle.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Garden Give-aways and Possible Trades

In our record-breaking harvest this year, my gimpy leg has been a mixed blessing. Breaking a leg really slows down the ability to get into the gardens to gather the vegetables but it speeds up the willingness to share! Right now, as I write, I'm gathering up the energy to take this gimpy leg out to gather more green beans. As the garden grows over the next week, I'll probably find more green beans and sweetcorn than we can eat. For my viewers who are willing and able to pick, please give me a call or shoot me a comment. When possible, I love working out trades. It's such fun!

This year's harvest for us is not only abundant, it has been pretty much blemish-free. Chris and the little ladybugs have been out there doing their work while I leave them alone. (What can I say? He likes the little ladies and I'm reminded of the chicks.)

Remember my tomatoes that got out really late? Thank goodness! Even though we are now out of last year's canned salsa and tomato sauce, trying to hop up on the cabinet to hold down the tomato press while I crank away (yes, really!) would be quite a chore if I also had to watch my leg to keep it out of the way and painfree. The tomatoes will come, but by then I'll have full use of this gimpy leg! And then, again, I'll be back in business, making my salsa. Even canned, it tastes so fresh and yummy! Sometimes I just drink it!

Keep watching my post. The Roma tomatoes are coming on slow but plentiful, maybe more than I can crank out, and they are a very meaty tomato, great for sauce.

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